The Republic: Issue 1 – Ireland Now

Issue 1, June 2000
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The Republic is a journal of contemporary and historical debate published by the Ireland Institute.


Editorial (PDF version)

The Editors

Introductory Article

Beyond Nationalism: Time to Reclaim the Republican Ideal (PDF version)

Ireland Now

Poetry and the Possible Republic (PDF version)

The Changing World Order and the Republican Ideal in Ireland (PDF version)

Beyond the Boom: Towards an Economic Policy for Welfare and Society (PDF version)

Towards a Politics of Democratic Renewal (PDF version)

Developing Dialogue

‘Rational Creatures and Free Citizens’: Republicanism, Feminism and the Writing of History (PDF version)

Mutual Challenges: Theory and Practice

Introduction: Can Republican Ideas Inform Political Practice? (PDF version)

Caging the Tiger: Strengthening Socio-Economic Rights (PDF version)

Ireland – Not the Plato Ideal for Women (PDF version)

Commissioning New Human Rights Standards (PDF version)

Between Rhetoric and Reality: Travellers and the Unfinished Republic (PDF version)

Ireland – Young Population, Old Political System (PDF version)

The Integration of Refugees and Asylum Seekers in Ireland (PDF version)

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