DECLAN CAMPBELL EXHIBITION 31/03/2022 – 6/04/2022

EXHIBITION: The Sense of Wonder in the Ordinary
EXHIBITION VENUE: The Ireland Institute, 27 Pearse Street, Dublin 1
ARTIST: Declan Campbell
CONTACT: mob: 086 2093894
EXHIBITION DATE: 31st March —–6th April 2022 11am to 5pm
Inspired by the poetry of the late Patrick Kavanagh, Declan’s exhibition explores the sense of
wonder in the ordinary and every day in both still life & figurative paintings. His work features
found and discarded everyday objects from his household – including coloured cartons,
household sponges, toothpaste boxes, food storage containers, coloured glass bottles, etc.
His paintings explore all colouristic possibilities with these seemingly mundane objects.
Before commencing painting, Declan builds a multi-layered pop-up structure of discarded
objects which becomes a starting point for his painting. Influenced by his environment, the
structures are layered similarly to the jagged rocky coastlines in Western Ireland close to
where he grew up as a young boy. This structure may also resemble and bear similarities to
the hundreds of shipping containers stacked in Dublin port, a city where he has lived for his
adult life. Working primarily in the medium of oil paint on linen canvas, his paintings explore
light, structure, form and rhythm using built up layers of colour and tone.