About Us


The Ireland Institute for Historical and Cultural Studies is located at 27 Pearse Street in the family home of Patrick and Willie Pearse, central figures in the 1916 Easter Rising. The Institute aims to promote Gaelic culture and language by providing a platform for drama, literature, music and the arts generally.

The Ireland Institute actively seeks to promote republican ideas and thinking and to develop a republican critique of the world. Republicanism embraces a broad range of principles and approaches, the most important of which are democracy, citizenship and internationalism; liberty, equality and fraternity; and self-determination and the common good. The Institute represents a space where we believe in the republican ideals of justice, liberty, equality, democracy.

The Ireland Institute aspires to be a positive influence in Irish life, providing an intellectual environment, independent of party politics for informed discussions and analysis of issues which shape the future of our nation.

Board Members

Tommy Smith
Noel Hickey
Robert Ballagh
Lar Keana
Louise Hession